VanLife shower "XL" (Sprinter/Dukato format)

VanLife shower "XL" (Sprinter/Dukato format)

The Vanlife shower will soon also be available for Sprinter, Ducato & Co.

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  • Technical specifications

    packing size
    Length: approx. 440mm
    Diameter: about 80-100mm

    assembly dimension
    Shower tray: 400 x 400 mm
    Upper cabin dimension: 1000  ×1000  mm
    Total height: 1,800 mm


  • scope of delivery

    - flexible shower room
    - drip tray
    - Hanging system

    Optional with shower set:
    - shower hose
    - Adjustable shower head
    - submersible pump
    - battery pack
    - charging cable

  • delivery time

    In stock  (2-5  working days)

PriceFrom €238.00
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