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Unfortunately, the material prices for metals have exploded again due to the Ukraine crisis. (Currently more than 30% within a few hours). Since the UPnGO is made entirely of metal, it is unfortunately severely affected.
  The UPnGO can currently only be offered at the daily price. 

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Lifting and storage system for roof tents.

For assembling and storing roof tents. One person service.

The lifting system is available in three lifting heights and is suitable for ALL common roof tents.

Store roof tent:
The roof tent is stored and fixed upright on the UPnGO. It can be driven through almost any garage or cellar door and stored there.
With an optionally available tent hood, everything can even be stored in the carport or even outdoors.

Raise roof tent:
To lift the roof top tent onto your vehicle, that will  UPnGO  simply rolled next to the vehicle.
The telescopic mast of the UPnGo is using a  cordless screwdriver and threads itself into the supplied docking adapter.
The roof tent is now also lifted with the cordless screwdriver.

Once at the top, the tent can be easily folded by hand  lay it on the vehicle roof and place it in the correct position.


Remove roof tent:

It works the same the other way around. After the journey, the lifting system is simply rolled back next to the vehicle, docked with the cordless screwdriver and the roof tent is pulled onto it and lowered using a cordless screwdriver. 


Available sizes / lifting heights:

see "Technical Data"

After taking off, the roof tent can remain directly on the UPnGO and thus be stored.




  • Technische Daten

    Kompatible Dachzelt Größen:
    LxBxH = 2.300 x 1.650 x 380 mm
    Minimale Dachzeltbreite = 1.200 mm
    maximales Gewicht des Dachzeltes = 100 KG

    Kompatible Fahrzeug-Dachhöhen inklusive Dachträger:
    (Gemessen von der Fahrbahn bis Oberkante Dachträger)

    XL = 1.770 bis 2.180 mm
    (Großes SUV, Geländewagen, Transporter, auch mit Höherlegung...)

    M= 1.620 bis 2.030 mm
    (Mittlerer Kombi, Crossover, Caddy oder ähnliche...)

    S= 1.470 bis 1.880 mm
    (Kleiner Kombi oder Crossover...)

    Getriebe mit externem Antrieb

    Eigengewicht des Liftsystems:
    65 KG

    Größe ohne Dachzelt:
    LxBxH = 1.000 x 800 x 1.800 (1.500)

    Verpackungsgröße (BxTxH):
    1200 x 800 x 1.700 bis 2.000 mm)

    INFO: Das System wird fertig montiert und Betriebsbereit, per Spedition, auf einer Palette angeliefert.
    Bei  Selbstabholung ist ein Lieferwagen oder Anhänger erforderlich.

  • scope of delivery

    - UPnGO lift system
    - Docking adapter for car roof racks
    - Universal retaining clips for roof racks
      (Cross member) with a width of 40 mm
    - Retaining clips for roof racks
      (Cross member) with a width of 80 mm
    - Adapter for your cordless screwdriver

    INFO: We recommend using a Thule Squaerebar or Thule Wingbar or similar systems with a side overhang.
    (see product photos)


    Optional accessories:
    (can be ordered separately)
    - Docking adapter to remain on the vehicle.
    - Docking adapter for Cargo-Bear roof racks

    Available from spring 2022:
    - Protective cover for outdoor storage
    - Protective tarpaulin to protect your vehicle when lifting it up and down.

  • delivery time

    We currently only produce this system twice a year.
    Please contact the 50 ° Nord team for information on the current delivery time.


  • Download

    Handbuch - Deutsch

    Manual - english


    Anleitung Dachträger Einsteck-Adapter

    Mit diesem Formular können Sie die korrekte Version und Ausstattung für Ihr UPOnGO ermitteln.

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