Special color according to RAL requirements

Special color according to RAL requirements

We manufacture your box (s) in the color of your choice.


Minimum order value = € 245.00

Please contact us for a detailed offer.


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We use a special aluminum composite material for design surfaces.

This is then coated in the color of your choice or with a picture print.

The whole thing then receives a highly robust, scratch- and impact-resistant surface seal with a rough structure (similar to a Raptor lacquer). 


Only the surfaces are coated. The aluminum profile frames remain silver. 

  • Used material:

    - High-performance colored film (in existing colors)
    - CMYK digital picture printing

    - Structure surface sealing
      abrasion, scratch and impact resistant 

    - Inner coating with needle felt (anthracite colored)

  • Color Accuracy:

    We use colors according to RAL or corresponding approximate values from our suppliers for high-performance films. 

    The color shade used can change slightly due to the surface coating or appear a little pale, as a structured surface is applied here.

  • delivery time

    approx. 20 working days

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