Sleeping board SPARE screw set

Sleeping board SPARE screw set


Screws and compensation elements.  


If you also use the support ledge / console  need, please order this article:

>>>  Schalfboard assembly kit including support ledge / console


Mounting screws  lost?

Or - you would like to build your board in a different or new vehicle?

No problem. 

This mounting kit contains the vehicle-specific  matching screws and compensation elements  to properly install your sleeping board in the vehicle. 

Depending on the vehicle, the appropriate support bar (s), spacers and screws are included. 


Caution!  This assembly kit is already included in the scope of delivery of a sleep board. 

You don't have to order it when you order a new sleeping board. 

  • Technical specifications

    Self-drilling screws =  Galvanized steel
    Compensating buffer = rubber or PLA
    Magnets = neodymium
    Adhesive elements = cellular rubber
    Support bar = aluminum
    Cover = needle felt


  • scope of delivery

    Depending on the selected vehicle:

    - Support bar (s) or support bracket
    - screws
    - spacers
    - Magnetic buffer
    - adhesive elements
    - cleaning cloth

    CAUTION! The assembly kits vary from vehicle to vehicle.

  • Download & Links

    Installation instructions (California / German)

    Installation instructions (california / english)

    Installation video (california / youtube)

    Caliheat & Cal Sleep Board (california / youtube)

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