Sliding doors

Sliding doors

The sliding doors are made of impact-resistant, lightly tinted polycarbonate and are installed directly in your box at the factory.
ATTENTION: Sliding doors can only be used in the long box wall. (600mm) 


With a little manual skill, sliding doors can also be used at a later date. The standard cover is simply removed and the sliding doors inserted. The guides and slide rails required for this are already available in the profile construction of all boxes.
So they can  Boxes can also be retrofitted with sliding doors  will. 


  • Technical specifications

    - polycarbonate


  • Available sizes

    Width x Height   (size of the box):

    long wall:
    - 600x300 
    - 600x400


  • delivery time

    approx. 5  Working days 

VAT Included |
colour: transparent / rauchgrau