Module 50 - customiced size

Module 50 - customiced size

Longer - wider - higher - or smaller ...

We manufacture according to your wishes.

Choose a size and enter your desired size in the comment field. 


ATTENTION: If you want to stack your Modul 50 boxes on top of each other, make sure that all boxes that are supposed to stand on top of each other have the same basic dimensions.  Boxes in special sizes can only be stacked with standard Euro containers (plastic boxes) if they have the basic size 40/60 or 40/30. 


  • Technical specifications

    - Frame: aluminum
    - Walls: PP  Honey-Comb
    - Inner coating: needle felt (if selected)

    Sizes and capacities:
    - as desired

  • scope of delivery

    Available soon

  • delivery time

    approx. 15 working days

VAT Included |
decor: black structure