MB sleeping board including heating connection

MB sleeping board including heating connection

Optionally including heating hose  or with an adapter for an existing Marco Polo heating hose set.


This sleeping board comes directly from the factory with a bayonet connection for attaching a heating hose with an adapter for the original outlet nozzle under the driver's seat  equipped.

The airbag  can be easily docked to the sleeping board with the bayonet connection. The warm air from the auxiliary heating is then fed directly into the sleeping roof of the Marco Polo using a warm air hose  directed.

Will the airbag  If not used, the connection can be closed with the supplied cover.


Variant 1 - including heated hose and Mercedes adapter

here the heating hose including adapter is also supplied.
The hose has a length of 2.5  Meters and comfortably extends to the connection position on the sleeping board.


Variant 2 - for existing hay tube sets.

Choose this variant if you already have a heated hose for your Marco Polo in the standard version and would like to connect it to the 50 ° north sleeping board. This set includes an adapter ring that is simply attached to the existing hose. So that your existing airbag can then  be docked with a bayonet lock on the 50 ° north sleeping bar.


  • Technical specifications

    Bayonet lock = polypropylene
    Adapter ring = polylactide

    Hose connection ø 100mm  (Inside)

    Info: Polylactide (also called polylactic acid) is a plastic made entirely from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn starch.


  • scope of delivery

    - SLEEPBOARD bayonet
       (fully installed)
    - CALIHEAT adapter ring
      (to connect to your CALIHEAT)
    - Closing cover with bayonet
      (to close the opening when not in use)

    Tools required:

  • Download & Links

    Application video sleeper board & VW airbag  (Video)

    Possible installation positions (PDF)

    INFO: The videos show a VW California sleep board. But the system is the same.