Light switch protection ring

Light switch protection ring

SKU: SBZ-105

Accidentally you turn on the light at night?


Yes - that may happen if you are using the VW California Ocean light switch in the pop-top roof.

You can accidentally turn on the light when getting on or off or by placing something on it. Whether a book, a drinking bottle or the sleeping board. If you are not careful, the light is suddenly on. Annoying for those who are still asleep.


This self-adhesive protective ring will simply stucked around the light switch and protects it from accidental contact.

However, the switch can still be operated with the finger as usual.


In our video you can see how it works.




  • Technical specifications

    Material - board:

    Info: Polylactide (also called polylactic acid) is a plastic made entirely from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn starch.

  • scope of delivery

    - 2 protective rings (self-adhesive)

    Installation time:
    Less than 1 minute

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