Zipper insert

Zipper insert

The zipper insert is made of a highly robust, military-tested nylon material with a metal zipper and is installed in your box at the factory.



With a bit of manual skill, zipper inserts can also be used at a later date. The standard cover is simply removed and the zipper part pushed in - done. 
This means that all standard boxes can also be zipped at a later date  upgraded  will. 


  • Technical specifications

    - High-performance backpack nylon
    - Metal zipper
    - PP or ALU support frame (depending on design / size)


  • Available sizes

    Width x Height   (Dimension of the box):

    Short wall:
    - 300 x 300
    - 300 x 400
    - 300 x 500

    Long wall:
    - 600 x 300 
    - 600 x 400
    - 600 x 500

  • delivery time

    approx. 3 working days 

VAT Included |
colour: black