Indoor shower for sleeping roof vehicles

Indoor shower for sleeping roof vehicles

The interior shower for all vans with a pop-top roof.

Packed as a flexible roll with a length of approx. 45 cm and a diameter of 8 cm, the shower system can be easily stowed in the vehicle.
When unfolded, it offers enough space for showering or washing in the vehicle. Due to the funnel-shaped design, the shower offers plenty of freedom of movement.


The heated fresh water can be taken directly from the vehicle's washbasin. The waste water is collected in a special tub made of rubber boat material and then disposed of in the vehicle's own waste water tank. External containers can be used for vehicles that do not have integrated wash basins and waste water tanks.



  • Technical specifications

    Pack size
    Length: approx. 440 mm
    Diameter: approx. 80 mm

    Assembly dimension
    Shower tray: 400 x 400 mm
    Chest area: 1150 x 1150 mm
    Total height: 1,300 mm


  • scope of delivery

    - flexible shower room
    - drip tray
    - Hanging system

    Optional with shower set.
    - shower hose
    - Adjustable shower head
    - submersible pump
    - battery pack
    - charging cable

  • delivery time

    In stock  (2-5  working days)

PriceFrom €218.00
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