Shower set

Shower set

SKU: VLZ-100

Shower set with battery and USB charging


This shower set is a very practical addition to the Vanlife indoor shower.
But it can also be used independently for any other situation where showering,  has to be cleaned or simply water needs to be pumped or transferred.   


The adjustable shower head is ideal and very important for showering in the vehicle. 

The water jet can be regulated and switched on and off in a targeted manner by pressing the lever. 
So no water is lost unnecessarily.  



  • Technical specifications

    Hose length: approx. 1,800 mm



  • scope of delivery

    - submersible pump
    - shower hose
    - Shower head with water stop function
    - Battery with on/off switch
    - USB charging cable
    - Fastening hooks

  • delivery time

    Can be ordered immediately

    Delivery from December 2021

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