CALIHEAT preparation ex works

CALIHEAT preparation ex works

Your CALIHEAT preparation - will be allready installed.


With the CALIHEAT adapter, the CALIHEAT, which is available in many places, can be connected to the 50 ° north sleeping board. The warm air from the auxiliary heating can then be directed into the pop-up roof of the VW T5 or T6 California, even with the sleeping board in place.


How does it work:

Your sleeping board is provided with a cutout with a bayonet connection directly from the factory.

An adapter ring is included for your CALIHEAT, which is simply attached to your existing CALIHEAT. This means that the CALIHEAT can easily be docked to the bayonet lock on the sleeping board.


See video




Sleeping board and CALIHEAT are suitable for all VW T5, T6 and T6.1 from BJ 2003.

  • Technical specifications

    Bayonet lock = polypropylene
    Adapter ring = polylactide

    Hose connection ø 100mm  (Inside)

    Info: Polylactide (also called polylactic acid) is a plastic made entirely from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn starch.


  • Lieferumfang

    - SCHLAFBOARD-Bajonett (fertig eingebaut)

    Bei vorhandenem CaliHeat:
    - CALIHEAT Adapterring
      (zur Modifikation des vorhandenen Heizschlauchs )

    bei Order inkl. CaliHeat
    - Heizschlauch 2,5 m
    - VW-Adapter für B-Säule
    - Verschlussdeckel mit Bajonett
      (zum verschließen der Öffnung bei nicht Gebrauch)

    Erforderliches Werkzeug:
    Schraubenzieher zum anziehen der Schlauchverbindungen. 

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