CALIHEAT-FAN Holder with bayonet

CALIHEAT-FAN Holder with bayonet

The ultimate addition for your sleep board with Caliheat


The fan holder has a bayonet connection. Otherwise than the oroginal Caliheat Fan-Holder. According to the air hose with Caliheat adapter, it can be easily docked to the sleeping board.

Also it can be removed just as easily, which is helpful when folding the board.

Another advantage is that the fan can remain on the board when the hose is removed for a short time.


ATTENTION: The fan holder is delivered WITHOUT a fan.

Please use the fans recommended by Caliheat


A dedicated fan with adjustable airflow is already under development and is expected to be available by quarter 3/2021.

We will be happy to inform you when this is available. Simply subscribe to our newsletter.


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  • Technical specifications

    Material / fan carrier:

    Info: Polylactide (also called polylactic acid) is a plastic made entirely from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn starch.

    125 x 125 x 140 mm (variable by rotating mechanism)

  • scope of delivery

    - Fan holder with bayonet connection
    - 3-speed fan
    - 12V cable for cigarette lighter
    - 230V cable (incl. Power supply) for
      Shore power connection

    Tools required:

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