Cali Closet Door Mirror - T6.1

Cali Closet Door Mirror - T6.1

SKU: VL-201-H

Finally see if the morning washing was successful!

The Cali rear cabinet mirror from 50 ° north covers the entire inner surface of the cabinet doors and thus offers a maximum image.

INFO: The mirror for the T6.1 is only available for the rear cabinet door.

In the T6.1, a larger mirror is built into the front cabinet door at the factory than in its predecessor.

  • Technical specifications

    Acrylic glass (polymethyl methacrylate)

    T6.1 rear =  160 x 630 mm
    T5 / T6 rear =  145 x 570
    T5 / T6 front =  145 x 372


  • scope of delivery

    - Mirror
      Prepared for installation
      with self-adhesive back

  • Download & Links

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