UPnGO - the lift & storage system for roof tents from all manufacturers.

Das Lift- und Lagersystem für Ihr Dachzelt

Montieren, demontieren, einlagern

High and low tech made in Germany.  


Lifting height: 1,470 to 2,230 mm
Size: 1000 x 800 x 1800/1500 mm
Footprint: 750mm x 1000 mm
Lifting capacity: up to 120 KG
Dead weight: 65 KG

You receive your UPnGO fully assembled including suitable adapters for your roof rack.

Quality made in Germany

Assemble, disassemble, store.


With the UPnGO you can do everything in one go.  

- For all common roof tents

- For almost all vehicles and roof racks
- For vehicles up to 2.2m high
- One-person operation
- Fits through every door

The UPnGO is very popular.  

Be sure to order early.

- Delivery time currently approx. 6 weeks -